Weekly sketch – faces in a crowd

When you look up in London you see the architecture, but you miss the faces in the crowd.

I have been taking lots of photos around London this week.

Like my normal trip “into town” my first instinct is to look straight up. In London you’ll be rewarded for this with an eyeful of domes, spires and entablatures of classical influence dripping from every corner.

But then of course, scooting around, all around, are people.

I was reminded of this when I reviewed my snaps to find in the bottom corner the smiling face of a young lady giving the peace sign cheekily straight to cam.

These are some of the people I may have passed on my travels. Carefully averted eyes, thinking about their day. Planning this and that.

If you look close you’ll also see an acorn with a side part hiding amongst the crowd.

sketch of faces

If you enjoyed the sketch, let me know.

I’ll endeavour to upload a new sketch on the weekly 🙂

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