The red knitted jumper

I’m a lucky duck with a brand new hand knitted red jumper. Made just for me.

I don’t really understand why knitting is considered a classic granny activity. I love knitting but I do find it exhausting.

It’s the most draining sedentary activity I’ve ever experienced.

It inflames all the aches and pains and makes me feel about 1000 years old. How do these super grannies do it?

While I love the process and satisfaction of a good knitting project – despite the aches and pains – there’s nothing better than having someone close to you who will knit a whole lovely red jumper just for you.

So, happiest of xmas good times for me this year when my lovely Mum, and super duper granny, did just that.

red knitted jumper lovely pattern


Look at those lovely lace pattern panels!

I hesitate to draw too many comparisons but I couldn’t help be reminded of the  red knitted jumper scene from “King of Comedy”.

Jerry Lewis’ character is bundled into a hand knitted jumper by his super fan.

Who was also mid kidnap at the time of the rather tense fitting.
King of comedy knitted jumper

The King of Comedy (1983 film), a 1983 film. Jerry is so done.

If he knew what joy there is in a hand knitted red jumper there is no way he could be so unamused.

And if I had knitted someone that red jumper I’d expect some appreciation – no matter the conditions.

Let me know if you have been lucky enough to have someone knit you a jumper, and whether it was a success 🙂

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