Orange fluffy pom-pom beanie + 80s nostalgia

If you have around £7 and a little bit of knitting know how you’ll be able to make yourself a super easy, comfy, toasty beanie with a big fluffy pre-made pom-pom attached. This fluff ball twigged a memory about a much loved folding plush from days gone by.

I received my Sirdar Head Start as a Christmas gift from the lovely Kay over at Ketchup on Everything (she knows me too well!) and it was not yet the new year and I had already productively knitted it up. I’m not normally that quick but it’s a smallish project so no aches and pains.

Head start beanie with pompom attached

The beanie knits up using a basic rib, then stocking stitch which is then stitched up at the seam. Although it looks like the pom-pom is somehow arranged to just knit right into the top with the last bit of yarn, it’s actually a separate component. I was a bit concerned it might come flying off so I anchored that guy down with a fair few double knots.

Head start beanie with pompom attached

One thing I should have done before I swiftly got to knitting was cast on using a stretchy method like a slipknot cast on or this great looking elasticy cast on method.

But it’s not the end of the world and it still fits over my noggin, so all good.

Head start beanie with pompom attached

That 12% mohair really makes this hat. You might argue the acrylic faux fur pom-pom is the shining glory, which I would reply – it’s a close second. I really have never seen such a pompous pom-pom before in my life.

Although the more I observe it, the more it reminds me of my basketball Popple Dunker’s tail I had when I was a kid.

dunker popple doll, orange tail

This one’s only $20 on eBay not too much for a bit of 80s nostalgia. Anyone? The best thing about Dunker is his adorable red trainers, and the fact that he can fold up into a basketball.

basketball popple

Here I am down Camden, with my Dunker Popple pompous-pom beanie on. Pleased as punch with myself. Maybe I’m thinking about folding up into my beanie like a little Camden Popple.

Head start beanie with pompom attached

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