Make it rain: lush green plant design

A lush green plant table repeat pattern and a lady who’s either catching well positioned rain or throwing some confetti in the air. I brought these two projects together to create a lady who could just blend into the background. But what can I do with her next that’s not been done to death?

I love the visual of a person playing matchy matchy with the background. It’s like they could just blend in there and pop into view when desired. Pop! This affect is easily created using Photoshop offset and Illustrator live paint.

The thing I really love is that this process could just go on and on. All I have to do offset the jpg below, make a swatch and paint it onto another character  – ok I’m definitely doing that next!

lady mini plant table

The sketch

I have been working on this drawing of a table of plants, which entertains me because it’s a whole table overrun with greenery.
plant table tombow drawing

Perspective of no perspective?

plant table sketch

The lady sketch is from a few years ago, I think it was during winter and it might have been snowing at the time. It was definitely inspired by the festive period.

sketch of lady catching rain

The digital design

It’s nice to see my sketches coming together into a final complete design. Although I  think I can push this a little further – a silk scarf? A pinafore? Any other kind of printed product. What’s not been overdone to death? I went to a craft fair recently and there were lots and lot of pillows, lampshades, totes, and kitchenware.  Beautiful stuff and presumably they’re popular items amongst craft fair attendees. Or was it saturation point?

One of the great things about live paint is I can create lots of swatches and test out different sized patterns. Here is a slightly larger print, I tend to like the larger patterns. What do you think?

plant table pattern

This one is going straight on the desktop.


A pretty table full of plants on a peppermint background, designed to be printed big and bold on fabric and sewn into a pinafore.

This lovely lady is either releasing a bunch of moths or in the midst of a very localised snow storm.

plant table illustration repeat pattern

That’s it from me!

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