Knitted petals make a spinner GIF and a patterned jumper

I once spent a fair amount of time knitting petal shaped appliques. It was fun playing around with increasing and then decreasing stitches over and over. Now when I open up a cushion out pop knitted bits crawling over each other trying to escape incarceration.

knits tumbling out of a box file
Stowing half finished knitted goodies in cushion covers is a good way to have puffy (although quite lumpy) cushions, a tidy crafty area, and makes for a fun place to dig around in when you’re watching a film.
I did some cushion digging recently and upgraded my postal babies to a box file. From which they’re tumbling out of in the picture below.

The Pattern

I tried to make this pattern subtly irregular. I’m not sure if that comes across in the finished piece. It kind of reminds me of the flag semaphore from the Beatles’ ‘Help’ album cover. But you know, if John, Paul, Ringo, and George were colourful knitted petals.

knitted pattern jumper photography girl



Moving away from the flag semaphore I started playing around with rotating gifs which I thought looked quite effective all in a row.

It’s just a simple 4 frame gif that I made by rotating the petals in Photoshop.


I’m trying to think back and remember how I knitted these multi-coloured petal delights and I just can’t. I hope I save some details, occasionally I’ll jot down some notes on torn up bits of cereal packages and tie them to the sample.

If I was good at such things I’d make this the loading symbol on my site. Then I guess I’d upload some mega files just to watch it spin.

knitted petals loading spinner

I don’t normally like fancy, glittery yarn but I’m thinking these petals are getting me in the festive mood, an ever so mild Christmasy vibe.

Here they are all dancing in a row:


And here is my lovely blue eyed lady all cosy in her patterned jumper.

knitted pattern jumper photography girl


knitted petals

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