Tombow Green Lady Repeat Pattern

I missed my Thursday deadline last week (oh my gosh is it Monday already?!), I don’t mind so much because I was enjoying making and designing too much to write about it. So here are some of the ideas I’ve been playing around with.

If I was the naming type I’d call it “Green Tombow pens and ladies faces” although it’s only one lady, repeated many, many times.

tombow green lady repeat pattern

Tombow pensĀ  are double sided watercolour pens, one side is long like a brush and the other a fine tip. I like to use the fine tip to create the outline and facial features and then fill with the brush end using long, even strokes. It took me a while to get used to using Tombow pens, and I’m still learning! I really admire the quality of the pens, I’ve had my set for over 6 years and while they were tucked away in a drawer for 3 years they still work like a charm! I’m definitely adding more colours to my wishlist this year.

I’ve got this mad thing going on right now for bold, patterned shirts and I thought this lady would looks great plastered all over a lose fitting button-up dress shirt. The tan contrast and brown buttons would probably be improved upon but they look ok with the brown trousers.

Green lady drawing shirt pattern |
I spend quite a bit of time pondering the scale if my patterns. So to give you a snapshot of my mental process here she is all gif-ed up with various pattern sizes.

Wow – just noticed her head appearing and disappearing and strangeness around the bottom edge, will investigate this anomaly!

Green Lady Shirt Pattern GIF |

I have no idea why it’s behaving that way, here is the full sized gif with lovely legs included:


Another way I like to visualise is by live painting the design onto these layered purses. Hmm difficult to choose.
Green Lady Pattern on Washbag Pouch |

Now that the London weather is looking pretty dreary for the next few days there is nothing stopping me meeting my Thursday deadline this week!
london weather Oct 2014

See you all very soon…

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