A crafty lady to inspire your long lost craft or design project

A sketch of a very focused knitting lady which went from stashed in my sketch folder to a colourful illustration and then to productivity gif, now she constructively knits over and over forevermore.

I have a backlog of sketches I’ve been hording up for years and I feel like I’ve finally got the direction and skills to develop them a bit further.

With a little (a lot of) help of my digi camera, Wacom tablet and Adobe CS I’m getting better at breathing life into character drawings I thought would end up stuffed down the back of my sofa.

drawing of a lady knitting

You can see from the yarn binding that she’s been stashed away in a handmade book of sketches with no real objective in sight.

I really like this crafty lady sketch because she’s so focused on her task. And while her hands are not detailed I think they work well with her look of intensity. It felt right that she should be given the additional hands to mimic the knitting motion she loves so much.

I wanted her to look intense but not harsh, so I hope that translates into the illustrated character.

lady with glasses knitting

I made 3 hand positions, 2 head positions, 2 eye positions and 3 yarn positions. They even look quite nice stacked on top of each other, it almost creates the illusion of movement as it is. But once I got in my head that I wanted to make her into a gif I had to keep going. So I used Photoshop to create a frame animation which I then saved as a gif using the ‘save to web’ option.

Yay! Here she is busy as a bee, knitting up a storm.

lady with glasses knitting gif

I think if I was to do it again, or if I had some more time to work on her, I’d make the ball of yarn move back and forwards, I’d also make the scarf grow as she knits – although it would snap back at the end of the loop. IĀ  think she might also look better without the table. Although on second thoughts maybe I’ll add the rest of the room around her as a still image and it won’t look quite so stark.

Below is the first version I made. There are a few too many head nods and blinks, so I went back and adjusted it so that she nods less frequently and blinks less. That way she has more of a natural movement rather than a mechanical seizure.


I hope this lady gets your crafty inspiration flowing, or inspires you to pick up a project that’s been stashed away in the back of your wardrobe. Often it’s good to take a break from a crafty task and come back to it at a later date with renewed vigor, or some new skills, or a new direction that you didn’t think of before.

I personally have too many abandoned projects to count, in fact the knitted ones have come in handy as cushion stuffing. I think this lady is going to look up at any minute and tell me to get knitting, in a stern but caring way.

Let me know what long lost project you have set aside and when you plan to bring it back to the craft table.


2 thoughts on “A crafty lady to inspire your long lost craft or design project

    1. I love the idea of a sock knitting vortex! She’s forever knitting, whirling round and round, feeling a bit sorry for her now šŸ™‚
      Another thought I had was a bit where she has to undo, which would take her back to the beginning completing the loop.

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