Colour sample palette: all kinds of green

The curious industrial area just North of Kings Cross shines bright with colourful inspiration on a sunny Autumn day.

Sometimes the sheer enormity of the colour spectrum terrifies me. I’m certainly no colour expert but I do think my ability to apply colour has improved dramatically in the last 6 months. Partially I’d put this down to me not being quite so critical – ok so lowering expectations to improve work satisfaction isn’t always the best result but in this case it gave me some space to test and try things out without poo-pooing them immediately. The second reason I think my grasp of colour has jumped ahead is through really getting a handle on Illustrator live paint, and saving swatches like a mad thing.

I used my snap of this green industrial building as inspiration for a new colour palette to apply to my lovely cross legged lady(ies).



I did find it quite difficult to achieve the bright green shiny hue I see on the building. I guess this could be the difference between an image of a sun blasted wall and a flat colour.

I quite like how the dark green contrast trim worked out on the collar and button bit.

I might try again on that green later down the line.

Let me know what you think!


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