Colour Sample Palette – Burnt red & bluey silver

Wandering the streets of London I pass some amazing buildings painted bright and bold. The Falcon building caught my eye and I used the image to make a colour swatch palette and applied that my girl’s outfit.

This blocky entrance to a residential building in the back streets of Bloomsbury is one of those places I pass every single day and think nothing of. I’ve had it in my mind for a while to snap a pic of colourful buildings for colour reference. And in this case I used the colours as inspiration for an 8 colour palette by using the Photoshop eye dropper tool to sample hues from around the image.

red building colour palett lady with coloured clothes

While the ‘Falcon’ building is predominant a burnt orange red colour when I was painting the outfit I reversed it with the blue-grey from the awning.

I hope you guys like it, do let me know what you think!


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