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3 digital developments for your crochet designs

I wrote last week about picking up long lost projects and developing them further using new skills. So in that spirit I’m going to take my crochet applique and make a gif, a fabric repeat pattern, and a chickie print baby grow.

This cute little crochet applique pattern popped up on Pinterest and I had to make one. And this time instead of stuffing her into a cushion (as was the fate of many other crafted bits) I immortalised her in 3 digital applications by animating her little leggies, making her into a repeat pattern and applying that pattern to a baby grow in a range of sizes.

3 digital developments for crochet designs

Here is my little girl perched on my drawing board. She doesn’t match’s design exactly (I always get confused between UK and US trebles and doubles), and I’m not sure if the bits around the beak and tail are quite right (I won’t draw too much attention to those), but as far as I’m concerned she’s got a lot of character.


I’m still very much a beginner when it comes to animation so it’s lucky for me that with a little bit of Photoshop experience you can start bashing out gifs by turning layers into frames.

I did make use of a few Y’tube resources along the way, which I find is always good for a bit of clarification.

She’s only a 4 frame animation, but darn it she’s a cutie. The next step would be add a rolling background to give the sense of movement because at the moment when I look at the feet I just see- little chickie finger guns -Look at her go!

animated crochet chicken

The Pattern

This is my first attempt at making a craft or yarn project into a repeat pattern and I love the way it pops off the page. It brought back memories of Jeannie Baker’s beautifully written and illustrated books. Obviously I have a loooong way to go to get to that level.

Making a repeat pattern is pretty straight forward in Photoshop, just look up how to edit>offset on youtube, there are plentiful videos, this one pretty much overs it.


Some more hints for getting started

-plain backgrounds are easier to offset as you don’t have to worry about meshing the seams

-it helps starting with a square canvas

-halve your canvas size to find out your offset amount

Chick crochet applique repeat pattern

This little girl is so cute I’ve decided to keep her digital self on my desktop!

Chickie desktop image

The Baby Grow

My natural next step after creating a digital repeat pattern print would be to think about getting it printed on fabric. For this design I think it would fit nicely with kids clothes, a bib or a blanky, or some jimmyjams.




I added the peachy background to soften the contrast. I think second from the left is my favourite chick size option.

I did try some other applications but she looked absolutely ridiculous on an adults button up top,  adult pajamas, and curtain (rumpus room?) but also just so very, very odd.

chikcie pajamas and curtain

Maybe just a top then? I think it looks like of cool as a fancy unisex shirt with chickens scratching their way across.

Crochet chick repeat pattern


Crochet chicken shape

That’s it from me, let me know what crochet shape I should pattern-ify next 🙂

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