Hi! My name is Jo and I’m a London based designer, crafty type, and sky observer.

I enjoy working on a range of 2D and 3D design projects. I make things by hand or on the computer whether it’s wire wrapping, drawing, watercolour or CAD.

I grew up in Australia, in Sydney, with the beach to one side and the harbour on the other. With intense storms that tumble in and roll away.

I spend my time making intricate jewellery by hand, drawing in ink, drawing digitally on my Wacom tablet, painting in watercolour, and making digital repeat patterns. And when I’m feeling motivated I’ll turn those designs into crafty gifs, just for fun!

animated crochet chicken

I have a BA in Industrial Design from the University of Technology which is situated in the most concrete clad part of the City of Sydney – Ultimo.

It feels like forever ago that I was studying at the Design, Architecture and Building building (yes that is what it’s called). Traveling every day from the beach where I lived to the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world.

Almost as if that concrete got to my head I moved to London after graduating – and now I’m looking back at nearly a decade in the UK.

Despite living in a concrete jungle I do find my way back to the water whenever I can. This is me by the Regents Canal (it may look like I’m laying some kind of ownership to that barge but it’s all an act).


I have worked for a wide range of businesses whilst working on my own personal design projects. From the Grants Management Office of a University to a boutique independent jewellery company. I also gained insight into buying departments at a children’s department store as an assistant to the toy buyer. I’ll always remember strapping moon shoes on our office manager and watching her bounce down the corridor as some visitors arrived for a meeting. I also got quite good at speed stacks and lunar sticks, it was always good to test out the addictive nature of the latest craze.

My mantra has always been to learn from every experience and apply as much as possible back into my personal projects. I hope to continually discover new things I enjoy doing and make sure I do more of them every day.

Above all I’ve always enjoyed working with interesting people – colleagues, customers, clients. The lady who’s worked for 15 years in the shipping department and is insanely good with the convoluted computer system.
The guy who worked in sales but always wanted to be an actor so he’d give different names to the couriers, that way he could play a role. The dear that worked on reception a few days a week and always had the same phrases to wrap up any situation. You may spot fragments of some of these characters in my illustrations.

Some of these drawings I’ve been working on for years and have only now come to some sort of fruition. Some are brand new and recently tumbled out of my subconscious. As my skills continue to improves I’m finding new projects are easier to complete and old projects are equally as fun to pick up.

Here’s a little insight into studio life, it’s a mess so I cropped most of that out.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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